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Africa Future Food Summit 2024

June 10-11, 2024

Nairobi, Kenya







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Meet & Network with CEOs, innovators and change makers defining the future of sustainable food systems in Africa

Climate change, a fast increasing population and uncertainties in food and agriculture industry supply chains brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, wars and conflicts and the Ukraine-Russia war have negatively affected African countries and their ability to meet the food needs of current and future populations in the Continent.

African countries are already facing the wrath of climate change – with flooding, droughts and other risks such as diseases and pests reducing crop yields and increasing uncertainties on food supplies.

iWith the fast growing, rapidly urbanising  population that is set to double by 2050 to about 2.5 billion, Africa is faced with billions of mouths to feed everyday in the next 25 years with dwindling water, land and food resources.

As we grapple with these uncertain times, the food and agriculture industry stakeholders in Africa are faced with the difficult task of redefining the future of agricultural food production, storage, processing, distribution, retail and consumption.

The Africa Future Food Summit is the pan-African conference and exhibition where CEOs, influential business leaders and change makers, government and non-profit organisation officials, and academicians and researchers will congregate to find the solutions to Africa’s sustainable food system challenges, as we approach 2030, and a burgeoning population in Africa.


             Key Agenda Issues

Agricultural Production

Discover the new technologies, ideas and concepts that will enable Africa to boost agricultural food production within its borders for local, regional and international markets

Food Sustainability & Nutrition

Discover the initiatives that will enhance Africa’s food and agriculture sector resilience to climate change, improve food security and mainstream sustainability and reduce food loss and waste

Food Innovation

Discover the future of food formulation, plus the opportunities for new food product innovations and ideas on the foods that the growing population in Africa will be consuming in the future

Investing & Funding Food Value Chains

Discover the opportunities to boost investments in Africa’s food and agriculture sector value chain and new ways to diversify financing sources to spur entrepreneurship and innovation in Africa

Food Markets, Trade & Logistics

Gain new insights into the opportunities and challenges of availing Africa’s abundant agricultural produce and packaged food products to local, regional and global markets.

Food Technology

Discover the new storage, processing, packaging and supply chain technologies that will enable the transformation of Africa’s agricultural produce to high value products, now and into the future

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Speaking Opportunities

The Africa Future Food Summit offers marvellous opportunities for you and your organisation to share the emerging opportunities, unique insights and the latest market trends in Africa’s sustainable food systems landscape. Send an enquiry today to the organisers to be considered as one of the speakers or panelists at the Summit. . .

How to Participate

Speak at the Summit

Contribute to the future of the food and agro industry in Africa by sharing your vast knowledge and experience at the Summit

Sponsor or Exhibit

Demonstrate your industry leadership and showcase your latest innovative solutions and technologies at the Expo Hall

Attend the Summit

Discover the latest ideas and technologies for your business or personal growth and development at the Summit

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