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The Program of Activities

The program seeks to transform the future of food systems in Africa

Join us at the Africa Future Food Summit, Africa’s premier platform for key stakeholders in the food and agriculture industry to come together and shape the future of sustainable food systems on the continent.

With a rich and diverse conference and activities program, the Africa Future Food Summit provides the best platform for key decison makers like yourself to contribute to the transforming food systems in Africa. 

The sessions cover some of the key issues that the continent os grappling with daily, in its quest to feed its fast growing population. 

An extra incentive to be at the event is the addition of the Africa Food Awards into this year’s Summit – where we shall be celebrating the businesses and change makers and innovators who are changing the game in Africa’s food and agriculture landscape.


As a Speaker or Panelist, you’ll have the opportunity to share and learn about the latest ideas and technologies that will enable sustainable food systems in Africa.

We’re seeking CEOs, government leaders, academics, researchers, and other stakeholders to contribute their expertise and help define the future of the food and agriculture industry in Africa and beyond.

Together, let’s create a brighter future for Africa’s sustainable food systems.

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